Photon Strike

Photon Strike 1.0

Classic "Bullet Hell" 3D Shooter

Classic "Bullet Hell" 3D Shooter

In the distant future, automated bots designed to maintain space stations were left on their own. After a decade of uncontrollable self reconstruction they grew in numbers. And self-defense mechanisms turned them into a dangerous swarm spreading all over the sky at planet Earth. Your mission is to eliminate this threat.

This scrolling “Bullet Hell” shooter will not forgive you any hesitation in your way to save our galaxy! Evolve you spaceship into ultimate weapon to defeat enemy forces!

* Full 3D graphics.

* 200 Levels in 4 difficulty modes.

* 6 EPIC boss battles.

* 16 tier weapons upgrade system.

* Powerup pickups in battles.

* 3 spaceships to choose from.

* Achievements.

* Original sound track!

* Smooth gameplay and controls.

* Perfectly optimized for low end devices!

Photon Strike


Photon Strike 1.0

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